Irritable Bowel Syndrome

People suffering from have abdominal pain and/ or bloating with a change in bowel habit. This change can either be increased or reduced frequency and a change in the form. Some patients are always constipated and some have diarrhoea. IBS can have a big impact on quality of life; effecting people's exercise (they can be too scared to exercise), social life and self-esteem.

Currently, there is a dietitian doing her PhD who is looking at dietary interventions for small intestine bacterial overgrowth (Sibo), which affects some people with IBS. In this study we will also be looking at the bacteria in participants before and after change in diet. Other things we are looking at are some immune function markers and nutritional adequacy of intake. Previously, a master's project had been done looking at a diet low in fermentable short chain carbohydrates for IBS.



Michael Schultz

Director; Gastroenterologist


Ruth Harvie

PhD Student