A changing gut microbiome supports ageing

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 24 March 2021

A recent study looked at the composition of the microbes in the gut of people and found that it became more diverse as they aged - those with more diversity were healthier and lived longer.


Gastro 2020 Hybrid Meeting - 11 November 2020

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 20 October 2020

It is less than four weeks till Gastro 2020 - have you registered yet ?


The Gut-Brain Axis

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 4 September 2020

There has been a flurry of research this year looking at the links between the gut microbiome and the health status of the brain. We have compiled a collection of review articles for those who use this website, to explain some of the latest research in diet, microbes, brain function and brain disease.


Hepatitis study in Niue

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 5 July 2020

See details of this new study, reported by the Otago Daily Times this week:


Antibiotic use in infants linked to obesity

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 24 April 2020

A new study showed that the use of antibiotics in infants disrupted the gut microbiome and predisposed children to obesity.


IBD Smart update

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 11 April 2020

Report your Disease Activity and communicate with your IBD Specialist wherever you are with the


Advice for IBD patients - COVID-19

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 20 March 2020

Many of us are concerned about the new coronavirus pandemic. For people with ongoing health issues, it may be particularly frightening.


Ancient DNA shows transfer of pathogens from farm animals to humans

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 2 March 2020

A new study , published this week, shows that the change to a farming lifestyle led to the transmission of Salmonella from farm animals to humans. 


Bees need healthy guts too

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 20 February 2020

A new study published this month in Science shows that a specialised bacteria, only living in the gut of honey bees, can be genetically modified to help the bees fight off parasitic infections, including Varroa


Experiences of young people with Celiac disease

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 13 November 2019

Gut Health Network researcher Kirsten Coppell recently published an article in the New Zealand Medical Journal highlighting the experiences of young people living with Celiac disease. The research was featured in the ODT and can be found here.

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