Bristol Gut Study - participants needed!

David Thorne, a student at the University of Bristol, UK, is seeking volunteers for a Gut Health Study.

David is a postgraduate Neuropsychology student at the University of Bristol who is currently completing a dissertation attempting to establish a causal relationship between gut health and mental health/sleep. The literature is overwhelmingly in support of mood and sleep affecting gut health, but the literature is distinctly lacking in humans with regards to the impact of gut health on mood/sleep. 


He is carrying out a longitudinal online study which will involve participants completing very short measures of sleep quality, gut health, and mood (will only take about 3 minutes daily for 14 days). For taking part participants will be entered into a prize draw where 4 of the participants will win £25. Participants have to identify as having a temperamental gut.


For more information, click here.

To see a summary of the study, click here

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 25 June 2019 | Comments

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